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Science Week Slime

As part of Science Week, our class made a type of slime called oobleck. First, we looked at the ingredients (water, cornflour and food colouring) and predicted what we would have to do with them in order to make slime. Next, we experimented with the ingredients until we were happy that we had produced a type […]

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Music From Around the World

Our class has been exploring music from around the world. We decided that one of our favourite types of music was Indian music. We played percussion instruments along to some really funky Indian songs. We also learned a dance to the song ‘Jai Ho’. Check us out with our colourful scarves dancing away to the […]

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Self Portraits in Senior Infants

We have been learning all about ourselves in Ms Mc Inerney’s class this September. We have chatted about our interests, our families, our bodies and our faces! As our class is full of talented artists we decided to create some self portraits to hang in our classroom. Before we began our self portraits we examined […]

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Taoiseach 3

An Exciting Start to Our New School Year!

Welcome back to a new school year, 2017-2018. We hope everyone had a wonderful summer break with lots of rest and time to enjoy fun activities with family and friends. We are looking forward to an inspiring, successful and productive year ahead! We especially want to welcome our new junior infants who had a fantastic first […]

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Science in Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been learning about the properties and characteristics of different materials. On Tuesday we went on a Materials Trail to find things in our school environment which are made out of wood, plastic, paper, glass and metal.  

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