Third class visited the Zoo!

Third Class got the chance to visit the zoo today and explore the new Zoorasic Park habitat. First we learned all about different types of reptiles like crocodiles, lizards and the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. Then we were introduced to Stan, the T-Rex, and we learned about the people who dig up […]

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MoneySense Workshops in Fifth Class

Ulster Bank Volunteers came into both Fifth classes today to assist our teachers  in creating a meaningful and relevant workshop on the uses and value of money. The children had to organise a birthday party, taking into account planning, organisation and budget.

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crib 4

Our Visit to the Moving Crib!

In December we decided to walk to The Moving Crib in Parnell Square. We had learned about the special birthday of Jesus coming up on the 25th of December, the visit of the Three Kings and how Jesus was born in a stable.    Our visit to The Moving Crib brought the whole story alive […]

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Christmas Assembly

This morning we had our Christmas Assembly. It was great fun! Each class sang a Christmas song or read a Christmas poem.  We also came together to perform our ‘Jingle Bells’ dance as a school.  Happy Christmas to all pupils, staff, families and friends of Stanhope Street Primary School.  See you in 2018!

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parents helping 3

Santa’s Little Helpers

We had a very special Friday morning in Ms. O’Connor’s class. We invited our parents to come and help us with our Christmas crafts. We made elves and were very busy creating the perfect Christmas outfit for each one. It was so much fun!  

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