3rd Class Maths Trail in Grangegorman

We are spending a lot more time learning outdoors this year and we are really enjoying linking our classroom learning to our environment outside school. We recently went on a walk to Grangegorman with our teacher and Ms. Keegan. Our teacher prepared a Maths Trail with lots of questions that help us to see Maths is all around us.

We have been practicing making ‘estimates’ or ‘reasonable guesses’ when using Maths in the classroom. For our first task on the day we had to estimate how many steps we would have to take to walk from the gates of Grangegorman to the Ping-Pong Tables.




Ms Mc Cafferty has never seen us so quiet as we concentrated on carefully counting each step!!




Next, we used our ‘Maths Eyes’ to look around and find any types of lines and angles we could see around us.

Who knew horizontal, vertical and parallel lines existed outside the pages of our Maths Book!! We noticed the horizontal lines on gates, vertical lines on windows and two chimneys as parallel lines.

Carefully writing down all the lines on our Maths Trail Task Sheet.


We finished our Maths Trail with some ‘Active Maths’. How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?


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