Active Home Sport’s Week 8th- 12th of June



By Living Sport , Transparent Cartoons - Active Families , Free ...Welcome to a fun week of activities.

Before you start this fun week you might like to watch this special message from everyone in Stanhope Street Primary School:

This week you need to log on to a padlet below and check out the activities we have planned for you to do at home.  Each padlet had 3/4 activities for you to do and a task. Please try to make a special effort this week to do the activities AND the task.

These padlets will be instead of your normal weeks work from your class teacher.

Junior/Senior Infants:

First /Second Class:

Third/Fourth/Fifth/Sixth Class:

The aim of this active sport’s week is to get up, get active and have fun! We want to see how you get on so below see the form ‘I Got Active’. 

Please submit one or more pictures of you doing an activity/task from the padlet during the week. We will pick one person  from each classroom to win a Certificate of Participation and a €10 voucher for Smyths Toy Store.


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