Active School Week 2023

Congratulations to all of the boys and girls who took part in this year’s brilliant Active School Week! The week was jam-packed with so many different fun, exciting activities and sports taking place. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Let’s have a look at the different events!


Irish dancing

We were lucky to have Sinéad with us on Monday and Tuesday to teach the children Irish dancing. They learned the steps very quickly and showed off their great dancing abilities.

Tai Chi

Some of our classes took part in Tai Chi today for the first time which was very exciting. They had the chance to practice their Karate Kid moves which were very impressive!

Dancing with Melanie

Children had lots of fun dancing to some of their favourite songs with Melanie. We have lots of talented dancers in our school who really enjoyed this.



Infant Sports Day

First off, the junior classes took part in a sports day in our school yard. Children rotated between different stations so that everyone had a chance to try out all of the different activities. They had great fun testing their balance when racing with eggs and spoons and with beanbags on their heads! The sack race and tug of war were very competitive! The wheel barrow race and parachute were also very popular.



Children took part in exciting orienteering activities in the PE hall on Tuesday. They had to navigate their way around using a map and practiced important problem-solving skills.


We had great fun using an exercise bike in school this week. The children worked together to see how many kilometres they could cycle over two days. The senior classes took turns on the bike and worked very hard. They ended up cycling over 100 km which is the equivalent of travelling from our school to Kilkenny! What an achievement!


Senior Sports Day in Grangegorman

This year our annual Senior Sports Day took place in Grangegorman. The children rotated from station to station taking part in lots of exciting activities. The races included three-legged race, sack race, egg and spoon race, crab race and balancing teamwork races. There was also a penalty competition and rounders station. It was certainly one of the highlights of the week!




Some of our classes took part in GAA activities today. They worked on soloing, passing and teamwork skills.


Our splash activities were a firm favourite with the children this year! The courtyard was set up like a mini water park with different water activities to rotate between. They had so much fun with water races, water guns, bubble machines and water balloons. They even got a chance to splash their teachers!





One of our classrooms was turned into a rowing room on Thursday! The children took turns on rowing machines and worked hard to cover an impressive distant altogether.


Some of our classes took part in Yoga today in the PE hall. They practiced their stretching and balancing while also using their strength.

First Class Sports Day 

Our three first classes had their own Sports Day on the yard today. There were lots of different stations which the children rotated between which were similar to the infants activities. They had a brilliant time while getting their exercise in!



Active Walk to Grangegorman

On Friday, we held our annual school walk. We started off by walking around the North Circular Road and finished up by doing a lap in Grangegorman Park. The weather was perfect and all the children had a great time!

Ice-cream van 

We rounded up our Active Week with a very special visit from the ice-cream man! The children were so excited and the treats were very well deserved after a week of great work! The ice-creams were funded by our Student Council who have been raising money throughout the year. A big well done to them!

Disco on the yard

On our last day of Active Week we had a disco in the yard during lunch time. The children’s favourite songs were played on a speaker as they danced around.


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