Active School Week 2018

Our Active School Week ran from April 23rd to April 27th and we crammed as much activity as we could into those few days. It was a blast!




  1. Cheer Leading

Monday saw us learn some cheer leading moves which we put to Taylor Swift’s song ‘Shake it Off’. The children concentrated so well and every class nailed the routine. 5-6-7-8!


     2. Martial Arts

We also learned some martial arts. Martial arts are an ancient method of training your mind, body and spirit to act as one. It involves showing respect to others always. We also learned how to punch, kick, throw and lock. 


3. Circuits

Junior Infants started off their day doing mixed circuits. They jumped over hurdles, walked across a balance beam, jumped in and out of hula hoops, threw balls into a basketball hoop, walked along a bench without falling off and threw beanbags into baskets. What an active morning and all before little break!



  1. G.A.A

We had great fun learning all of the different ball handling skills for Gaelic football. We also practised jumping, catching and scoring.




2. Dodgeball

It may have been raining for dodgeball, but that didn’t dampen our spirits here in Stanhope Street! The aim of the game was to eliminate the opposing team by either hitting them with a ball or catching one of their throws. You have to keep your wits about you to land hits on opposing players whilst avoiding getting hit yourself. 

Dodging the rain!



Thankfully, the sun peeked out long enough for us to complete our school walk. All of the school assembled in the yard (rain jackets in hand!) and 6th class lead the way after an encouraging cheer from everyone. The Junior Infants completed  2 laps of Grangegorman, 1st to 2nd class completed 3 laps and 3rd to 6th class completed 4 laps.

Captain Active joined us on our walk!





  1. Dance

Thursday we had some brilliant dance classes where we explored the story of Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ and learned some hip hop moves. It was great fun!


2. Rounders

The players scored points by hitting the ball and running round the bases, without running another team player out, or being caught out. It was fast paced and exciting, a real team bonding sport!


3. Trip to the Playground

We headed off to the playground and spent some time playing with our friends. As you can see, it was so much fun!




Unfortunately, due to the April showers we have had to postpone our Sport’s Day until we get some fine weather…so watch this space for further updates! Despite the rain, we still managed to stay active by setting up badminton and circuits in the hall for each class to access throughout the day. 

A big thanks to The Active School Committee and everyone involved to make this week such a success.


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