Timeline 2021-2022

June – Cycle Workshop

 We brought our bikes into school and got some ideas and ways to cycle and be safe at the same time.  We had lots of fun and learned some new tricks.

May – Running Club Competed in Morton Stadium!

A fabulous day out was had in Morton Stadium in Santry for our Running/Athletics Club. The girls tried their best and did us all proud. They ran races, threw shotputs, did long jumps and completed relays together. They have been training for this for a couple of weeks and have worked really hard.

April – After School Active Club & Athletics Club!

In April, we started an After School Active Club and Athletics Club! It has been a huge success and it will run up until the end of the year! So far we have had gorgeous weather and the children have really enjoyed themselves! Look at all the fun they are having.

March: Running Around Ireland Initiative!

In March we completed the Running around Ireland Initiative. Everyday, each class would run laps of the yard on our running track and record the distance. At the end of the month, we added up the kilometers and saw where that would get us to in Ireland, from our school. The results were amazing. We definitely would make good candidates for running around Ireland.

February: Skipping & Star-Jump Challenge!

In February, we held a challenge to test how many skips (senior classes) or star-jumps (junior classes) each class could do for the whole month! Everyday the children would count their skips/jumps and add them altogether at the end of the month. It was a really tight and impressive competition. Big congratulations to Ms Harron’s Senior Infants, and Ms McCafferty’s 5th Class on getting the most star-jumps/skips! Enjoy your prizes.

January: Junior Dance Class

In January,  Dance started for our junior classes with Clare! They are really enjoying it so far, it’s a great way to keep active. Look at Ms Fraher’s Junior Infants having lots of fun!


Floor is Lava Challenge!

Ms O’Grady’s 6th Class really enjoyed taking part in the ‘Floor is Lava Challenge’ in our new astro yard! They admit it was tricky to try avoid touching the ground, but it was a lot of fun and a great way to keep active! Look at the amazing set-up they created:

December – Santa Walk!

In December our school took part in a Santa Walk to Grangegorman. Everyone wore Christmas hats and jumpers and walked briskly to keep warm throughout the park! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

November – Senior Dance Class and GAA!

In November we started Senior Dance and GAA in school! All the boys and girls are absolutely loving it. Wednesdays and Fridays have gotten a whole lot more fun in Stanhope Street.

October – Captain Active!

Captain Active is back up and running! Every week each class gets a sheet to tick/fill in how active they have been each day. The activities could include yoga, running, dancing, GoNoodle, skipping, and much much more. The most active class each week are rewarded Captain Active for their hard efforts. Who wouldn’t want this hero in their room? I wonder who will get him next…

September – New Active Schools Committee!

Welcome back to school and say hello to our new Active Schools Committee! Everyone is so excited and  full of new ideas to make our school more and more active! Watch this space, we have so much planned for this year.

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