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Butter 3

I Can’t Believe I Made Butter

Mr O’Brien’s First Class made butter during Science Week. We learnt how butter was made in the past using a butter churn. The children poured cream into their bottles and began to shake them up and down – this separated the fat from the buttermilk and left us with a solid lump of butter in […]

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The Water Cycle

The children in Mr O’Brien’s First Class conducted a science experiment to show the water cycle. The children learnt about – Evaporation/Condensation/Precipitation We can’t wait to see what happens to our experiments over the coming days! Rain Rain go away, come back another day!  

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Science Experiment: Taste

The children in First Class Rm10 conducted a taste science experiment. They separated the skittles into the different flavours – lemon/lime/strawberry/blackcurrant/orange and then added them to warm water. The water separated the food colouring from the skittles to create a different flavoured juice.

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