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Making Lava Lamps in 1st Class

Room 12 had great fun figuring out what ingredients we needed to make our very own Lava Lamps. We experimented with different ingredients and eventually found the right mix. Here’s what we used: Water, Cooking Oil, Food Colouring and Alka Seltzer. We paid special attention to this experiment as some of the ingredients could only […]

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Science Week in Room 12

1st Class kicked off science week by looking at our heart rate. We began by learning how to find our pulse in our bodies. We checked our pulse when we were sitting calmly at our tables before we headed to the P.E. hall for our P.E. lesson. We then checked our pulse after some exercise […]

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Buildings Bridges Workshop in TU Dublin

We had a great time in TU Dublin at the Building Bridges Workshop. Before the workshop, we were invited to participate in an exercise class. We really enjoyed exploring the gym equipment!   Following the gym, we began our workshop. We were given the task of building a bridge made entirely from paper straws and […]

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