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Art Open Day

On Friday, we invited our parents into our classes to have a look at the art we have enjoyed making all year. Every classroom in the school was full of colorful paintings, drawings, clay pieces etc. The day was a great success. A big thank you to all of the parents who came in on […]

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Graffiti Classics Performance

Last week, the musical group known as Graffiti Classics came to perform at our school. They are a string quartet with a difference. They performed various types of music for the children. They also danced, chatted to us about their instruments and told a few jokes along the way. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance!

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Marvelous Magnets!

Room 15 children have been learning all about magnets. Today, we took time to explore lots of different styles of magnets and objects that they attract/ do not attract. We used words like ‘magnetic’, ‘attract’, ‘pole’ and ‘repel’ as we had fun playing around with the resources.  

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Minibeast Hunt

We have been learning all about minibeasts this month. A minibeast is a small animal with no backbone – a spider, a worm, a fly, an earwig etc. Last week we decided to go on a minibeast hunt to see what types of minibeasts could be found on our school grounds. Check out the pictures […]

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Senior Infants on Tour!

On Wednesday, the Senior Infant classes went on their school tour to Bricks 4 Kidz. They had a fantastic time! The children spent the day using Lego to make all sorts of characters, objects and structures. Both imaginative play and problem solving skills were a big part of the day. Check out our pics below! […]

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Chatting Away in Senior Infants!

  We have been having great fun with our new felt boards in Senior Infants. They are giving us a chance to practise all the vocabulary we have learned so far about the zoo, the doctors, the airport and many more topics. We love setting the scenes, chatting away and using our imaginations as we […]

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Christmas Assembly

This morning we had our Christmas Assembly. It was great fun! Each class sang a Christmas song or read a Christmas poem.  We also came together to perform our ‘Jingle Bells’ dance as a school.  Happy Christmas to all pupils, staff, families and friends of Stanhope Street Primary School.  See you in 2018!

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Science Week Slime

As part of Science Week, our class made a type of slime called oobleck. First, we looked at the ingredients (water, cornflour and food colouring) and predicted what we would have to do with them in order to make slime. Next, we experimented with the ingredients until we were happy that we had produced a type […]

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Hi-Glo Silver Champions

Hi-Glo Silver Champions

Ms Mullery’s class have just completed their Road Safety Classes and have received certificates from Hi-Glo Silver. They were also given reflective armbands, which they will be wearing to school everyday, now that the mornings are getting darker.

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