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Butter 3

I Can’t Believe I Made Butter

Mr O’Brien’s First Class made butter during Science Week. We learnt how butter was made in the past using a butter churn. The children poured cream into their bottles and began to shake them up and down – this separated the fat from the buttermilk and left us with a solid lump of butter in […]

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Science Week in Room 12

1st Class kicked off science week by looking at our heart rate. We began by learning how to find our pulse in our bodies. We checked our pulse when we were sitting calmly at our tables before we headed to the P.E. hall for our P.E. lesson. We then checked our pulse after some exercise […]

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The Water Cycle

The children in Mr O’Brien’s First Class conducted a science experiment to show the water cycle. The children learnt about – Evaporation/Condensation/Precipitation We can’t wait to see what happens to our experiments over the coming days! Rain Rain go away, come back another day!  

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Science Experiment: Taste

The children in First Class Rm10 conducted a taste science experiment. They separated the skittles into the different flavours – lemon/lime/strawberry/blackcurrant/orange and then added them to warm water. The water separated the food colouring from the skittles to create a different flavoured juice.

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Magic of Music – fun in the Ilac Centre Library!

Last week we were very fortunate to be invited to the Ilac Centre Library for a fun filled hour by the Catherine Dunphy’s Magic of Music. Two first classes got the opportunity to explore rhythm and beat, percussion and non-percussion instruments in energetic performances of Christmas songs and popular music. Catherine Dunphy was amazing in […]

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Butterly Delicious!

First Class have been learning about farming and milking during our History lessons. We found out how to make butter by churning cream and then decided to give it a go ourselves! We sang an old butter making song called: ‘Come Butter Come’, as we passed a container of cream around, shaking it until we […]

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Interschool Chess Competition

On Friday our 4th class, fifth classes and sixth class took part in a wonderfully challenging chess tournament hosted by Seamas, our inspirational chess teacher, who motivates our students every Friday  by teaching them to use clever strategies and techniques to outsmart their partners. The winning girls received beautiful medals and trophies provided by Seamas. […]

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