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Green Fingers

First Class Rm10 learnt all about plants and what they need to grow. Each table planted Cress, Sweetpeas and Sunflowers. The class chose the best location for the plants to grow – access to sunlight was the main priority.

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Sink or float

Sink or Float?

First Class Rm10 learnt all about the properties of different materials and whether they will sink or float. They chose the materials to use in order to make a boat that will float. They tested the boats and the majority of them were very seaworthy.  

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yellow day 1

Yellow Day in Stanhope Street!

We had an amazing ‘Yellow Day’ this year. The whole school dressed up in yellow clothes, in order to raise money for two very important charities. We donated the money to two charities in total. The charities were ‘The Irish Cancer Society’ and ‘The Laura Lynn Foundation’.We had lots of fun, and all for a […]

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Fun with Chalk in the Sun!

1st class room 12 took advantage of the fabulous weather this week. We really enjoyed playing with chalk in the school yard. We put our drawing skills to the test and created some lovely pictures on the ground. We also drew some fun games and really enjoyed playing in the warm sun.  

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Alphabet art 1

Alphabet Art

The children in Mr O’Brien’s Room 10 created fantastic alphabet art during the week. They worked together as groups and chose a picture that represented each letter and then they set about painting. In the likely event that these works of art end up at auction and selling for millions, as these little Picasso’s teacher/manager […]

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