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Fun with Chalk in the Sun!

1st class room 12 took advantage of the fabulous weather this week. We really enjoyed playing with chalk in the school yard. We put our drawing skills to the test and created some lovely pictures on the ground. We also drew some fun games and really enjoyed playing in the warm sun.  

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Alphabet art 1

Alphabet Art

The children in Mr O’Brien’s Room 10 created fantastic alphabet art during the week. They worked together as groups and chose a picture that represented each letter and then they set about painting. In the likely event that these works of art end up at auction and selling for millions, as these little Picasso’s teacher/manager […]

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Mental Health Week 2021

Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

The saying ‘Your Health is your Wealth’ is more important now than ever. In Stanhope Street Primary we are constantly promoting positive mental health. This week is an extremely important week. We are delighted to be celebrating ‘Children’s Mental Health Week 2021’. If you have time, please follow the link below to see lots of […]

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Mr O’Brien’s First Class conducted an experiment to see the effects of different drinks on teeth. We used eggs instead of teeth (we don’t want to put the tooth fairy out of business). We used water, milk, orange juice and cola. We predicted that cola would be the worst for our teeth. We left the […]

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Butter 3

I Can’t Believe I Made Butter

Mr O’Brien’s First Class made butter during Science Week. We learnt how butter was made in the past using a butter churn. The children poured cream into their bottles and began to shake them up and down – this separated the fat from the buttermilk and left us with a solid lump of butter in […]

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