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Room 13 Trip to TUD Grangegorman

The children in Room 13 participated in an engineering workshop in TUD Grangegorman. The name of the workshop was ‘The Siege of PomPompeii’. The children learnt about the construction of an arch and a catapult from years ago. This was a very hands-on workshop where the children got to participate throughout working on teamwork. The […]

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2nd Class go to the Teddy Bear Hospital

The children in 2nd class visited the Teddy Bear Hospital. The UCD Paediatric Society brought a Teddy Bears Hospital into our school. There were seven stations where the children experienced something different at each one. Examples of what they experienced include how to wash their hands properly, how an X-ray and MRI work, and what […]

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Drumming workshops!

The whole school really enjoyed our two days with Neil at our drumming Workshops in the library. We enjoyed drumming out different beats and patterns of sounds. We loved expressing ourselves through the medium of drums. We certainly made lots of noise and could be heard all over the school!!

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Taking Estimation in our Stride!

We were learning all about Estimation in Maths, in room 12. We carried out some fun estimation activities in class with cubes. We had to think before making our estimates so that they made sense, what we did not estimate was how much fun we’d have to do the activities!         

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What’s a cow’s favorite holiday? Moo Years Eve!

In room 12, we are participating in the Agriaware program ‘Farming through the Seasons.’ “For many young children, their first experience of where their food comes from is the supermarket shelf. This has come about due to the ever-growing disconnect between Irish people and food. Farming Through the Seasons can help connect children to the […]

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Making Playdough in Room 13

The boys and girls in room 13 all worked together to make playdough. They followed the instructions carefully and used all the required ingredients. They enjoyed getting to mix all of the ingredients. The boys and girls had so much fun playing with their playdough afterwards!

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Jigsaw Time in room 12

In Room 12 we know that making jigsaws can help us become better readers, it is also fun to do! We had jigsaw time on Friday and even though it can be tricky, jigsaws teach us to stick with a task, we know we’ll get there in the end!

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Fighting Words

In room 12 we were lucky enough to visit the ‘Fighting Words’ centre. We wrote our own book and artists illustrated it for us! We had a great time being authors, and we even got to visit the playground after. Then we hopped on the Luas back to school. It was a really fun day! […]

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