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Easter Chocolate Nests in Room 2!

Today we had a really special treat and we went to the staff room to make chocolate Easter nests. We used chocolate and rice crispies to make the nests and we put chocolate eggs on top. We melted the chocolate and then took turns stirring in the rice crispies until they were all covered. We […]

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Drumming workshops!

The whole school really enjoyed our two days with Neil at our drumming Workshops in the library. We enjoyed drumming out different beats and patterns of sounds. We loved expressing ourselves through the medium of drums. We certainly made lots of noise and could be heard all over the school!!

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Drumming workshop!

Earlier this week we were so lucky to attend a drumming workshop in the library. We got to play on all kinds of drums and other instruments such as woodblocks and tambourines. We played different rhythms and learned how to compose our own rhythm. Check us out making music!

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Science Week in Room 2!

We were so lucky in Senior Infants Room 2 to have the big girls from 6th class come down to us to do experiments with us for science week! They did a sinking and floating test with different fruits, with skins on and skins off, and also created ‘blobs in a bottle’! The girls in […]

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