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Learning about ladybirds in Room 10

During the month of May, we have really enjoyed learning all about ladybirds in Room 10. We first completed our research and report on ladybirds. Then we read the book ‘What the Ladybird heard on Holidays’ and we created our very own ladybirds with our favourite part of the story on the back. Check out […]

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A Helping Hand

Ms. O’ Connor’s Senior Infants class had the best time in Ms. McDonnell’s room last Thursday! The girls in Fourth Class had a great morning planned for them using our school i-pads. Together they did lots of activities from apps like Reading Eggs and Toy Theater. It was so much fun!

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growing strawberries 6

Growing strawberries in Room 10!

As we spent lots of time learning about how plants grow before Easter, we decided to grow our own strawberries in school. As they grew over the Easter holidays, they needed bigger pots to grow even more. We took the plants out carefully and moved them into bigger pots with some soil and water. The […]

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builder aistear 3

Builders in Room 10!

This month in Room 10 we have been very busy building during our play time. Using large blocks the boys and girls have built hotels, houses, caves, doctor surgeries and many more buildings! They have been using play dough and threading too to create items on the building site. We loved using a measuring tape […]

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Experimenting in room 15

The boys and girls in room 15 were busy doing science experiments this week. They added baking soda to vinegar and watched the mixture create a gas that blew up the balloon. They also watched the colours run from the skittles when water was added. The colours ran quicker when warm water was added than […]

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Valentine’s Day Art

The boys and girls in room 15 were learning about printing in art last week. They learned about positive and negative prints. They then used a heart stencil to make a negative print for the front of their Valentine’s Day cards. Take a look!

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