Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of Stanhope Street Primary!


Recently we celebrated a very special anniversary in Stanhope Street Primary School- 150 years educating young minds in our school!

We prepared a special celebration to include both adults and pupils illustrating the positive atmosphere and fantastic learning environment of our school through the years.

Sr Mary Kernan welcomed all our invited guests, Sr Patricia spoke about the history of our school and our pupils presented a project on Mary Aikenhead.  They also spoke on their delightful experiences of attending our school and  presented symbols that represent important aspects of our school. Father Paddy Madden blessed our school and the hard work that all the pupils do in Stanhope Street Primary.

Our Principal, Mary Meaney and deputy principal, Doretta Carey spoke about the essence of Stanhope Street Primary School and how through the decades we have ensured that the ethos evoked by Mary Aikenhead 150 years ago is maintained and fostered to provide an inclusive,  warm and welcoming holistic education for all.

Have a look at a snippet of our special day!

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