February 2018

February saw us continuing with our playground games, skipping, Walk on Wednesday’s and 10@10.

To add to our ever growing list of activities, some of the older classes had the opportunity to learn all about tag rugby, the art of frisbee throwing and we started a school soccer club. It was quite a busy month!

Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby is a fast-moving non-contact game and is aimed at developing ‘grass roots’ rugby in players. The game encourages the build up of running and handling skills whilst the ultimate object of the game is for players to enjoy themselves.

To play the game, all you need is a tag belt and a ball and you’re ready to go! Take a look at our athletes below enjoying themselves in the sunshine.



Frisbee is a great sport that interests children at all levels of sporting ability.  The game is versatile and requires little equipment, making it perfect for P.E class or any safe open space. As you can see we really enjoyed learning all about the different skills and tricks you can do with frisbee.






Soccer Club

Every Wednesday, some of the older classes spend their lunch break playing in the soccer club.  As you can see, they are having lots of fun while improving their passing, shooting and receiving skills.


Walk On Wednesday’s- W.O.W!

Here’s final update on our walk on Wednesday’s around Grangegorman. Over the last few weeks we walked a combined total of 1904 km and Captain Active reached as far as Co. Kerry. What a great achievement!


Suggestion Box

Our Active School Committee have also set up suggestion boxes around the school for all pupils to put forward some ideas they have for the playground games. We are looking forward to reading their suggestions!


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