Friendship Week

We were really lucky in room 21 this friendship week. Some of the girls from 4th class came down to our room to help us make our own playdough!

It was a very messy activity, but the big girls helped us and we all got a ball of playdough to take home.

Thanks, 4th class girls, you made it a really fun activity and you were all so friendly!


We had a great time celebrating Friendship Week. We know how important our friends are to us and we loved reminding them. We had secret friends, class buddies, sang songs and poems, created a friendship tree and lots of other fabulous things. We even had an Assembly to show everyone what we had done for Friendship Week. Have a look at this selection of photos from the Assembly.

Thanks so much to fifth class who came to help the boys and girls in Room 14 make melted snowman biscuits! It was such a nice way to celebrate Friendship Week and the children really enjoyed it. Look at their yummy creations!

We had a fabulous week for Friendship Week in our school. We had a buddy system set up for the senior girls to do with the children in the junior classes. There was cooking, science experiments and reading. The older girls loved working with the younger ones. We read poems and sang songs in order to learn about how to be a good friend. We made a Friendship Fish as a whole school, where we wrote something nice that we did for our secret friends. We also had an assembly to talk about all of the wonderful things that we did. We even got to sing and celebrate the end of Friendship Week together. We had a wonderful week and we can’t wait to continue to use what we learned both inside and outside of school.

Sixth class were so excited to be finally allowed to buddy up with the junior classes for friendship week due to the easing of covid restrictions in schools. Room 16 helped the first,  second and third classes engage in science experiments and design friendship cupcakes.



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