January 2018

This January we jumped into the New Year with great enthusiasm as we continued to incorporate lots of fun activities to keep us moving throughout the month.

Operation Transformation’s 10@10

One of the daily activities we have undertaken as a whole school is to complete the 10@10. This is a classroom exercise programme created by the Operation Transformation team, where we take 10 minutes at 10 a.m to complete some fun and energetic exercises to get us ready for the day.

Operation Transformation’s 10@10

We love waking up our bodies and minds in the mornings!

Walk on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday until midterm,  1st to 6th class will go walking in Grangegorman. Each lap of Grangegorman is 1km.

After every walk, we work out what distance we have travelled by adding up each child’s kilometers. Our combined distance walked to date is: 455 km, this means Captain Active has currently reached as far as the Giant’S Causeway Antrim! 


Walk on Wednesdays

David Cryan from Operation Transformation with Captain Active and our Active School Committee.

David Cryan from Operation Transformation also joined us for our walk around Grangegorman this week …we set a fast pace for him to keep up with!

Skipping Workshops

We held some skipping workshops in the school with the aim to introduce the children to the world of skipping. Skipping is a terrific form of exercise that helps a child’s agility, balance, hand-eye co-ordination and can increase speed through footwork. It teaches children about rhythm and when put into team routines, it provides them with team work skills and encourages them to have confidence in their sporting ability. It is a great way to exercise, maintain good health while having lots of fun. We learned some intricate routines, tricks and developed teamwork skills as we learned how to skip with partners and in teams.


At the end of the day each class had the opportunity to watch other groups perform their newly learnt skills and tricks. The best thing is, we now practice these new skipping skills during our lunch breaks.



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