Language Sampler Module


The fantastic girls in 3rd and 4th Classes in our School have been taking part in something really exciting for the past few weeks. We have been learning Sign Language. This is being done through the Language Sampler Module. We decided to choose Sign Language. Bernie comes in every Tuesday and Thursday to teach us useful everyday words and phrases that we can use.

There are lots of benefits to this wonderful scheme.

– Generates awareness among pupils of the range of languages used by their peers, in their schools and communities.

– Supports greater inclusion and appreciation of diversity

– Encourages uptake of foreign languages at post-primary level

– Provides opportunities for increased levels of collaboration among the school community with regard to the celebration of languages and cultures

– Informs future developments in the area of MFL and ISL in the Primary Curriculum Framework.

For more information take a look at the link below.

Primary School Sampler Module


Our New Library!

We also receive funding each year from PPLI to purchase books in other languages. We have now created a new library for these wonderful books. Once we found out all of the languages that were spoken in our school, we bought new books with the funds that we received. So far, this has been a huge success!

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