In November we begun seeking ways to make our yard time more active and fun at the same time. We decided to create a timetable to include first classes right up to sixth to start with. We  decided to corner off a section of the yard and our active school committee suggested skipping as a good place to start. 

Members of the active school committee alongside fifth class helpers announced  which classes turn it was over the intercom, set up the yard daily, tidy away equipment and most importantly motivate children to be as active as possible during their time skipping. 

You can see here the fun we had learning and perfecting our skipping techniques!



Captain Active Arrives!

This month the Active School Committee wanted to motivate classes to be super active in their own classrooms during the week . We decided to get each class to record the amount of activity they do each week through a specially designed record sheet. On Fridays the sheet is collected by the Active School team and on Monday an announcement is made as to which class has been the most active the previous week and how they managed to achieve this. 

Ms Mullery’s second class was the first class to win Captain Active as they were even active in their Gaeilge class!

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