Our Athletics PE Lessons

                                                            What a Year!

This year our school decided to pay particular attention to the teaching of athletics during P.E. lessons. We allocated the months of January, February and March for specific Athletics lessons to be taught to all class levels and we also implemented some whole school activities at different stages of the year to promote running, jumping, throwing and skipping. It was a great way to display all the fantastic athletics we have learned. Correct warm up exercises such as arm circles, neck circles and trunk circles were taught as well as stretches such as hamstring and calf muscle stretches.



All athletics P.E. lessons followed the P.S.S.I lesson plans distributed to each class level.


The school also took part in the Daily Mile from May 20th until the end of June and used this to explore pace, strides, walking, jogging, running and sprinting. We practised different types of relays in P.E. classes and formed teams to enter into Santry. This was a fantastic success and gave the children a wonderful appreciation for the strand of athletics.



Our walkway was introduced and classes now take turns using this everyday at lunchtime.

We put a big emphasis on jumping and skipping. We displayed our new skills in a skipathon at the end of the year. This was in conjunction with the Heart foundation and children learned the effects athletics has on the heart during these exercises.


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