Playground Leaders

Playground leaders have a very  important  role in encouraging the younger pupils to be active during lunchtime. The classes have a rota of whom is participating in playground games. The playground leaders are responsible for organising the equipment, setting up the games in the yard and packing up afterwards. They have introduced a great selection of games such as obstacle races, parachute activities, skipping challenges, basketball hoops and activities with hola hoops. Each week the leaders demonstrate and teach  the new games and activities. 

Have a look at our timeline for some fun pictures of the activities they have completed so far!

The playground demonstrate great leadership qualities and each class have so much fun learning new games to play with their friends.



Playground Leaders 2019-2020

These are our new playground leaders for this school year. They are very excited to get started with the games. We have decided that this year we will trial playground games in the hall at yardtime for one specific class per day. Here they will be safer to play games like basketball, soccer, GAA or circuits with a teacher and the playground leaders. The playground leaders are instrumental in setting up the activities and organising which class is supposed to be in the hall on a specific day. They will also give feedback to the Active School Committee on how improvements can be made to make it a success and fun during the year.

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