Science Week

We were very busy in room 21 for science week, we carried out an experiment to see what would happen if we mixed two different colours together.  We used spinning tops to help us find out, and it was great fun!

In 3rd class, we have been loving Science Week so far! We completed the gummy bear experiment and the rain cloud experiment. We placed a gummy bear into water, vinegar, and water with washing up liquid and made our predictions about what would happen to each gummy bear. We will note our results and compare with our predictions! We also used shaving foam and food colouring to demonstrate the water cycle by making our very own rain cloud. Check out our rain cloud experiment!

e had a very busy week during Science Week this week. We were exploring science in many different ways in our classroom. Here is our Skittle experiment. Look at all the fabulous colours we created!

As I’m sure you heard, it was Science week last week. The boys and girls in room 15 were very busy conducting a variety of experiments. First, we made some predictions about what would happen. Then we carried out our experiments. Afterwards, we talked about the results and checked to see if anyone made correct predictions. We investigated what would happen if you put gummy bears in water, vinegar and salt water. We explored the effect dish soap had on milk particles by adding food colouring to it (this also create some cool milky fireworks!). We also made butter using just cream and salt. Ask the boys and girls all about them and they’ll tell you the results!


The children had so much fun last week in Room 20 participating in Science Week. They enjoyed making their predictions and investigating. For the first experiment, the children predicted what would happen to the gummy bears if they were left in a cup with water, a cup with vinegar and a cup with salt water. We left them over night and recorded the results the next day. The children then conducted a germ experiment which needed water, pepper and soap. The children visualised how the soap can affect the germs (pepper in this case!).

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