School Activities

Below is a list of school activities our pupils take part in.

Yoga in Stanhope Street

Katarina delivers a fun way of escaping classroom learning to enrich the holistic development of each child. In Stanhope Street Primary school we have incorporated story with yoga to explore an inclusive, mindful exploration of body movement in a unique way. Yoga for children has a huge impact on the social, emotional and physical development of the child. As a result of these benefits, the children at Stanhope Street Primary have more self-confidence, better self-esteem, develop skills to regulate their emotions so as to lead a much happier healthier life.

Being mindful in yoga with Katarina


Children enjoying G.A.A and developing skills while embracing teamwork under the watchful eye of the coaches from our local G.A.A club St. Brendans.


Children learning and interacting through structured imaginative play through the means of Aistear play areas, computer stations, polydron construction, toys,puzzles ,lego and conversation stations in a sociable relaxed environment.

Green School

We are a green school. We have applied for our first green flag this year. The theme is litter and waste. We have litter free classrooms, yard and street. We encourage recycling of paper, plastic , batteries and stamps.We are promoting healthy eating and no waste of food.

Our Green School Committee

The Computer Room

Welcome to our Computer Room. It has a wireless internet system and is equipped with 25 laptops and 10 I Pads. The Computer Room not only enhances ICT skills but supports numeracy and literacy skills.
Every child from Junior Infants to Sixth Class has access to the Computer Room.

The Homework Club

We run a Homework Club twice a week every term. This is free and open to all classes from First to Sixth.

  • Term 1 – Fifth and Sixth Class
  • Term 2 – Third and Fourth Class
  • Term 3 – First and Second Class


In our school we like to foster the complete development of all pupils. Our children experience drama in the classroom with their teachers as well as focused weekly drama sessions with an external highly competent drama instructor.
We use drama to increase self-confidence, help concentration and cooperation, foster oral language skills, develop emotional intelligence, practise good communication skills, cultivate friendships and most of all to have fun. Have a look……

Look at our Giant!


Music plays a special role in our school. Children are provided with the opportunity to learn various instruments, take class recorder lessons, join the school band and sing in the school choir. Both class teachers and outside professionals facilitate these musical activities during the school day.

Helen makes music fun!

Recorder Lessons

All children from 2nd – 6th Class take part in weekly recorder lessons. During these lessons children are taught how to read and play music. They also take part in regular school performances.

School Band

We are very lucky to have such an amazing school band! Children from 3rd – 6th Class are encouraged to join our band. Children take group instrument lessons weekly.

We play a wide range of instruments in our band, including:

  • keyboard
  • violin
  • cello
  • recorder
  • flute
  • drums
  • Guitar


The children in our school enjoy learning how to play chess. This really improves concentration levels and improves problem-solving strategies.


Art Classes with Mr Scully

Mr Scully teaches the children in Stanhope Street to develop their artistic abilities through drawing and use of pastels. The children enjoy his relaxed approach to teaching and the sense of calm and enlightenment they experience during his art classes.




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