September 2020

This was a busy month settling back into school after so many months at home and out of routine.

We had our first Active School Teacher Meeting and Our First Active School Pupil Meeting.

We had to sadly say goodbye to Ms Mullery and to our three first class boy members from last year. We thanked them greatly for all their hard work over the past three years in helping us achieve the Active School Flag.

We  got three more additions to the teacher committee- Ms Lavelle, Ms Foley and Mr Mc Corry.  We got three new members from first class, Craig, Emma and Jack and two from second class Bella and Ava.

We feel we have a great team going forward and the first meeting was spent deciding what we would do in October. We had ideas on how to keep active, how to organise PE to be safe during Covid times and how to finally celebrate our first ever Active Flag.

We had lots of great ideas from teachers and pupils alike! October will be a busy month!

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