Student of the Month March 2021

It was great to see all the boys and girls settling back into school life again and learning lots of new things. We really missed them since Christmas.

It was so difficult to choose this month as everybody worked so hard both at home and when they returned to school.Here are the winners of the Pupil of the Month for March.

Well Done everyone!

Junior Infants Room 1 Reegan Dowdall- Reegan always comes to school with a big smile on his face and is kind to everyone. He has put great effort into his work and always shows lovely manners.

Junior Infants Room 3 Mikey Glynn- Super positive attitude! Great story teller and friend to everyone. Excellent at his letter blending skills and sight words! Well done Mikey!

Junior Infants Room 4: Lottie Wolfe -Really kind and helpful to others. Always makes sure that there is nobody left out at playtime. Has worked really hard on using her quiet hand.

Senior Infants Room 2: Mea Zelve – An excellent, conscientious student with a fantastic attitude to school. Mea always tries her best at everything she does. Well done!

Senior Infants Room 5: Luka Vailles-For great work on Seesaw and generally working hard and trying his best at everything. And also, Luka enjoys drawing and is a super artist!

Senior Infants Room 14: Mason Hanley comes to school every day with a big smile. He is a great and kind friend and gives fantastic answers during lessons. Well done Mason!

Senior Infants Room 15: Neitas Rackus – Super hard worker, has excellent manners and is such a kind friend to everyone. Well done Neitas!

1st Class Room 10: Aimee Ann Connick -Excellent worker, always tries her best, a fantastic friend and always helpful to those on her table.

1st Class Room 12: Cezar Bunea – always puts 100% into all of his work, has great manners and is a fantastic friend to everyone in our class

1st Class Room 13: Imran Mohamed, always gives 100% effort in everything he does. Very polite and friendly. Always willing to help others with jobs around the classroom.

2nd Class: Room 9: Iasmina Dior-She is so welcoming and helpful to the new girls in the class and always tries her best in her school work.

2nd Class: Room 11: Zoe Moran -For her positive contribution in class, she is a hard worker, always keen to learn new skills and apply them in her lessons. Well done Zoe!

3rd Class Room 23: Jing rou is a very diligent student who has worked very hard this month in the classroom and on Seesaw. Well Done Jing rou

4th Class Room 22: Sandra Rusti. For her incredible work over lockdown and her kind and caring ways since we have been back in school. Always puts her all into everything and does it all with a smile!

5th Class Room 17: My student of the month is Kasia Reynolds as her work on Seesaw was exemplary and presented beautifully always and she is a model student always.

6th Class Room 16: Halle Reilly. Halle completed excellent work while we were doing online learning. She made a huge effort with our World Book Day competition, comes into school every single day with a smile on her face and always tries her best. She is also a great friend.

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