Student of the Month October 2021

We had another fantastic month in Stanhope Street Primary School.

It was very difficult to choose our Student of the month for October but here are the winners!

Well Done everyone!


Junior Infants Room 1 Jamaldin Jabbarov: Jamaldin comes in every morning with a smile and he has lovely manners. He works hard all day and is a great friend to everyone. It is such a pleasure to have him in class! Well done Jamaldin!

Junior Infants Room 3 Junior Infants – Brody Hughes.Brody comes to school every day with a fantastic attitude, a big smile on his face and ready to do his best work. He is a kind friend and tries his best in every lesson. Well done Brody, keep it up!

Junior Infants Room 4: Lennon Fitzgerald. Lennon is an excellent worker and always tries his best in school. He has been a great friend to everyone in our class and is always super helpful.

Senior Infants Room 10: Jack Noone. Jack is super, he is always so polite, helpful and hard working. He is always so kind to his friends and plays nicely on the yard every day.

Senior Infants Room 14: Leni Collins Leni is a fantastic worker who is so sensible. A great example to her classmates. Well done Leni!

Senior Infants Room 15: Sofia Damoc: She is a very pleasant, kind and caring girl who tries her best at all times. She gets along with everyone and has settled into school very well.

1st Class Room 11: Logan Prendergast: Logan is an excellent student who always does his best in class. His reading and writing have really improved this month.

1st Class Room 12: Lara Marras – fantastic student. An excellent Gaeilgeoir and a wonderful friend to everyone in the class.

1st Class Room 13: Sofia-Ana Pacurariu. Always having fun and smiling, Sofia brings a positive energy and attitude to the class each day. Sofia is a great helper around the classroom also.

1st Class Room 20: Madalin Rusti: Madalin has been working really hard all month and I have seen a great improvement in his work. He is always eager to work hard and try his best. Well done Madalin.

2nd Class: Room 19: Sophia Owens. Sophia is an absolute pleasure to teach. She works so hard, always tries her best and comes to school every day with a smile on her face. She is making a huge effort with her reading this year too. Well done Sophia.

2nd /3rd Class: Room 21: Tiffany Valentine. She is very polite and mannerly in class. She is always very kind and nice to her classmates.She works hard and takes care to present her work well, and puts in a lot of effort. She always puts her hand to speak to the teacher and keeps all the rules of the class. She plays nicely with her friends on yard too.

3rd Class Room 18: Nora Li: Very hard worker and has an excellent attitude to learning. Always very enthusiastic and eager to learn new things. She is also very kind to everyone around her and is always willing to help others

4th Class Room 23: Teja Rackute: Teja is the most pleasant and hard-working girl. She is responsible and very dependable. She always says yes and never stops smiling. Teja is a ray of sunshine in 4th class!

5th Class Room 22: Sophie Zylka. Sophie is a very hardworking student who has a very positive attitude to learning new things. Sophie always puts excellent effort into all classroom and homework tasks. Sophie has worked very hard on her personal target of improving her personal confidence in group work.

6th Class Room 16: Salwa is making a huge effort at her school work and contributing to class discussions and very helpful all round and a funny sense of humour.

Now we can’t wait to see who wins the Pupil of the Month in November!

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