The Language Explorers!

1st to 6th class had great fun, when the Language Explorers visited Stanhope on Wednesday the 12th of May.  Language Explorers raise awareness of the variety of different languages in our classrooms and promote an interest in Language Learning.

The day was all about encouraging children of different languages and cultures to be proud of and to share their heritage and also to encourage children to embrace all languages positively!

We learned about all the different languages spoken across the globe. We had listening quizzes…. Can you name that language? We heard how many different languages kids in our class could speak. (We are a clever bunch!)  We learned phrases in different languages, we saw kids writing in different languages and we created raps using the different languages in our class. (And a sic backing track!)

We enjoyed these activities under a sunny sky, and it was a wonderful part of our week celebrating the different cultures of the world.

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